Terms of Service of SNS

SHARINGTECHNOLOGY INC. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) defines below “Terms of Service “ of the Company’s Social Media Account (hereinafter referred to as “SNS account”), in addition to the Company’s Privacy Policy, Copyright, Trademark, Exemption Clause, IR Policy.

This Terms of Services is aimed at everyone who access to SNS account (hereinafter referred to as “User”). Anyone who does not agree to the “Terms of Service” can declare the intention only by not access to SNS account.


In case of the following acts (or the Company assumes probable risk) in SNS account, the Company may delete the post (comment, picture, sound, image, animation are included, but not limited to: hereinafter referred to as “the post”) without notice, and may reject the message, and may inform to the SNS company.
① Prejudice the copyright and the intellectual property right of other users, other third party, and the Company.
② Invade the privacy of other users, other third party, and the Company.
③ Specify, expose, and leak personal information without permission of other users, other third party, or the Company.
④ Send, expose (copy, write, etc.), alter the copyrighted material without permission of other users, other third party, or the Company.
⑤ Interfere the SNS administration by computer virus, hacking, spamming
⑥ Induce, promote crimes
⑦ Intimidation, defamation, disparagement, discrimination, and other similar acts
⑧ Send information (e.g. obscene expression) deviating from the purpose of the SNS account, to the Company
⑨ Access to the SNS page by utilizing the third party, fictitious personal information (name, address, etc.)
⑩ Acts aiming profit such as solicitation, and business (affiliate, link to profit making site, etc.)
⑪ All kinds of advertising banner, link display
⑫ Acts which may violate public order and morals, political activity, campaign, religious activities, and other similar acts
⑬ Law, legal violations, or acts that are closely related to them
⑭ Any other acts which the Company considers inappropriate

Operating Policy

Transmission of information from the SNS account shall comply with “Terms of Service of SNS” and specification. The content, information, and URL may possibly be subject to occasional change, or delete, at The Company’s discreet.
The Company may possibly not reply response. Feedback, inquiries may be forwarded to the Company through the link at the end of this “Terms of Service of SNS”, and “Inquiry Form” at the Corporate site.
In case of emergency of the SNS maintenance, modification, and natural disaster, the Company may temporarily close, change, or abolish the SNS account, without prior notice, or approval.
The Company assumes no responsibility for user’s damages by virus via the SNS, and natural disasters.


①Information sent in the SNS account is as of transmission time. The correctness, perfection, relevance are not guaranteed. ②Post to the SNS account grants the Company the free right to use the post (processing, excerpt, copy, release, and other rights defined in Copyright Act Article 27, 28), and waives the author’s moral right.
③The Company assumes no responsibility for user’s damages (trouble between users, mental distress, monetary loss, so on) by utilization of information in the SNS by others (including related information providing by the Company, other third party), and, by service provided by other third party which may access to the SNS account, as long as there is no negligence on the Company. Even in the case that the Company is responsible, the scope of responsibility is limited to direct and usual damages, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence by the Company.
④The Company may aggregate and analyze the information within the SNS account, and create and fully utilize (e.g. proposal to enterprise, market research, new service, etc.) statistic data, and attribute information, without single out of individual.

About antisocial forces

Each party (The Company and user) represents and warrants that it is not a person who has fallen and shall not fall under any of the followings and listed below : an organized crime group, and any other equivalent person of above within the past 5 years, associate member, an affiliated company or association of an organized crime group, racketeer group, group engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, and other similar person (hereinafter referred to as “a member of an organized crime group”.
① a person having such a relationship with the anti social forces that shows the anti social forces’ management
② a person having such a relationship with the anti social forces that shows the anti social forces’ substantial involvement in the person’s management
③ a person having such relationship with the anti social forces that shows reliance on the anti social forces for self or the third party’s profit, or damage on other third party
④ a person who cooperate and is involved with the maintenance or operation of any anti social forces by providing funding or service to any anti social forces or any similar act
⑤ Director or Management who is engaged in socially condemnable relationship with the anti social forces

The Company and users make a commitment to not conducting the below acts ourselves/themselves, or through the use of third parties
① a demand with violence
② an unreasonable demand beyond its legal entitlement
③ damage the credit or obstruct the business of the other party by spreading false rumors or by the use of fraudulent, or any other equivalent actions
④ Violations o law, public order and morals, and other similar acts
⑤ and, any other equivalent act of above

If the other party breached the representations and warranties in the preceding clause, each party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement about the content and any related contracts without any notice, and, the other party shall not raise objection. And, any and all obligations of the party owed to the other party shall be come due and payable and the other party shall immediately repay such obligations.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction Clause

①These Terms and Conditions about the SNS account shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
②Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagoya District Court in the first instance.

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