In cooperation with about 6,700 professional service provider stores in town,
we operate a website business for solving “Household problems”.


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Our mission is "Contributing to a safe society by creating a new mechanism".
We provide peace of mind for customers facing “Household problems” in life service infrastructure such as electricity, water supply, internet, at the earliest possible moment.


Problems across
the country


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Real-time Matching between Customers and Professional Service Providers

“MOVER” system enables real-time matching utilizing “Scheduling function” and “GPS function”.By employing this system, we aim to transform ourselves from a company operating website for “Household problems” into a company developing platforms to solve “Household problems”.

  • リアルタイムスケジュール管理機能

    Real-time Scheduling function

    “MOVER” grasps the everyday schedule of each service provider, and offers the shortest service visit schedule in real-time.

  • リアルタイムGPS機能

    Real-timeGPS function

    “MOVER” grasps the location information of each service provider in real-time, and offers the nearest service provider to a customer.

We grasp all service providers' schedule and locational information across the country in real-time.
Therefore, we can inform the customer of the name of service provider and the service visit schedule, the moment we receive a service request call. “MOVER” enables real-time matching. mover

“MOVER” solves problems over 150 categories.

By utilizing the platform realized by “MOVER”, we solve “Household problems” at the earliest possible moment.

“Seikatsu 110 ban”

“Seikatsu 110 ban”

“Seikatsu 110 ban” is our platform site to introduce the optimum service provider over 140 categories to a prospective customer facing "Household problems".
Professional call center personnel handle phone calls from customers promptly and courteously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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