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Copyright and Trademark

All the information on writings, illustrations, logos, pictures, moving images, software, and others, are reserved by SHARINGTECHNOLOGY INC. or third parties.
You may use the information only for your personal use recognized by copyright laws. For any other use (including duplication, alteration, distribution, transmission etc.), previous permission must be obtained from copyrights’ owners.
Our logos, brand name, and company insignia on our Website is our trademark or registered trademark.

Guidelines for the use of Trademark

Trademark owned by SHARINGTECHNOLOGY INC. and its SHARETECH Group (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is exclusively available for the use of authorized users the Company regularly granted permission of use (hereinafter referred to as “License”). License wisher shall submit “License Application Form” prescribed by the Company.
The use of the Company’s trademark that may cause misidentification of other companies’ is prohibited by law.

We prohibit any use of the Company’s trademark to explain products or services of other companies. It may cause customers’ misidentification of quality.

We prohibit any use or description of our trademark that may cause customers to misinterpret that the trademark is a sign in general use (generic term), or a general name.

Also, we prohibit partial alteration of trademark, combination with other companies’ trademark, use like verb expression, or any other use causing infringement of the trademark value.

In the case that authorized users have to express the Company’s trademark to introduce products, services, and any other activities of the Company, users shall distinguish the trademark from other statements, using “ “, ®, ™, or indicating the belonging of the trademark. ® is put down near to the trademark registered in Patent Office or registering authority in that country.
™ is put down to the unregistered trademark. ® shall not be put down to unregistered trademark.
The use of the Company’s trademark is limited to the use in Japan. Please be advised that unauthorized use of registered trademark is severely punished in some countries.

In advertising material and press release of the Company’s products and services (hereinafter referred to as “the Products”), please specify that the origin of the Products is the Company. Specifically, it is required that the following statement is put down at the bottom of the relevant document.
e.g. “Seikatsu 110” is a registered trademark of SHARINGTECHNOLOGY INC.

All information, Company logo, trademark, image, picture, etc. on our Website belong to the Company and the third parties.

Dealing and use of the Company’s copyright materials are as follows. Dealing and use of the third parties’ copyright materials shall be inquired to each entity to which copyright belongs.
You may use (display, duplicate, print) the information only for your personal use (not for profit-making purpose). However, alteration is not permitted. And, even for personal use, it is not permitted to delete all expressions about copyright.
For the use other than above-mentioned, you may reuse, duplicate, and redistribute only after submitting “License Application Form” prescribed by the Company in advance, and obtaining the Company’s permission.
However, we prohibit the use producing misleading and infringement of the trademark value.
Specifically, the following use is prohibited.
・Use as a part of customers’ product name, service name, trademark, logo, and company name
・Statements causing the reader to misinterpret that there is alignment, partnership with the Company, or support, authorization from the Company. Statements giving the reader the impression of the Company’s associate’s writing, or the Company’s opinion.
・Use in Websites including violation of applicable Law, such as adult contents, gambling promotion, sales of tobacco and alcohol to a minor,
・Unfavorable usage for the Company, e.g. causing misunderstanding of our policy, and including expression of defamation, injuria, libel, obscenity, etc.
The Company may prohibit the use without permission. Depending on conditions, we may take legal action.
“License Application Form”can be downloaded here.

Please mail “License Application Form” to below e-mail address, with a subject of “Request of Use of SHARINGTECHNOLOGY’s Logo”.
In return, our person in charge will send logo.