【Research】Survey on Senior Citizen’s Use of Life Support Services ~ Looking for professional service providers, about 60% seniors search the internet, meanwhile about 4% seniors look in Telephone Directory ~

SHARINGTECHNOLOGY INC. (Head Office : Nakamura-ku, Ngoya-shi, Aichi; Representative Director & Co-CEO: Masayoshi Shino, Nobuhiro Moriyoshi) , which operates “Seikatsu 110 Research” in “Seikatsu 110” , a portal site to solve household problems, conducted a research about “Senior citizen’s use of life support services”, that targeted 448 men and women aged 55 and over from all over Japan.

The survey indicated that the internet is widely utilized by senior citizen, too. From the results obtained, the actual condition of use of life support services will be reported in detail below.

【Key Points of Survey Results】
1. About half of seniors access the internet for more than 3 hours every day.
2. The most frequently visited site is “Information transmission site” such as Blog.
More than 85% of the male utilize “Information transmission site”.
3. Looking for professional service providers to solve household problems, about 60% of seniors search the internet, meanwhile about only 4% seniors look in Telephone Directory.
4. About 70% of seniors get competitive quotes from multiple business operators.
5. Over 70% of seniors are positive toward free advice and introduction service by professional service providers.