【Research】Jan. 17 is “Disaster Drill and Volunteer Day” Reconfirm the risk of a fire caused by a short circuit more than 2,000 short circuit reports. In half of them, breaker is not activated.

【Research】Jan. 17 is “Disaster Drill and Volunteer Day”
Reconfirm the risk of a fire caused by a short circuit more than 2,000 short circuit reports. In half of them, breaker is not activated.

SHARINGTECHNOLOGY INC. (Head Office : Nakamura-ku, Ngoya-shi, Aichi; Representative Director & CEO: Keisuke Hikiji; Securities Code: 3989; hereinafter referred to as “SHARETECH”) , which operates “Seikatsu 110” , a portal site to solve household problems, conducted a research about 2,814 electric appliance trouble throughout the country.

Hanshin-Awaji mega earthquake on Jan. 17, 1995 reemphasized the importance of disaster drill and volunteer prior/after disaster. The Government defines Hanshin-Awaji earthquake day as “Disaster Drill and Volunteer Day” to promote voluntary understanding of disaster measures. During the period, lectures about disaster measures are frequently held.


In Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, not only destruction of buildings, but mega fire also occurred. Many of fire causes were analyzed due to electric fire of home appliances. Should breakers be activated (stopping the supply of electricity), fire disaster should have been avoided.


Today’s Column reports a research about electric appliance (e.g. breaker) trouble, brought to SHARETECH. Let’s prepare for unexpected disaster.


【Risk of turning on of electricity】
In Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, “Fire by turning on of electricity” attracted considerable attention. Fire occurred when electricity was turned on, when electricity was restored. Among analyzed 55 building fires in Kobe-shi, 35 cases(60%) were electricity fires. And, 33 of 35 electricity fires were caused by turning on of electricity, when restored (*1).
(*1) Source:


Fire by turning on of electricity : Attention should be paid in earthquake
Earthquake often brings power failure. If breaker is not activated, electricity will be supplied to “turned on” home electric appliances (e.g. electric heater), when electricity is restored. Then, automatic “turned on” appliances heat up inflammables around it, and cause fire.
In other cases, short circuit with electricity supplied to damaged cables during earthquake, may cause fire. It is similar to dangerous electric leakage.
In case of earthquake, please activate breakers, to prevent “Fire by turning on of electricity”. Recently, automatic activated breakers detecting earthquake are sold. Utilization of such breakers are also effective.
When return to home from evacuation area, please confirm whether appliances are turned off, and electric cables are not damaged, before turning off breakers.



【What are trouble cases? As soon as feel irregularity, consult professional】

Next, research was conducted about electric leakage. Below Chart 1 shows electric leakage troubles which were reported to SHARETECH.

Chart 1 : Electric leakage trouble type
(Source: Requests to SHARETECH, during Oct.1, ’15 to Sep. 30, ‘2018)

This research shows that “Can not turn off breaker” is more than 5 times (1,272 cases), occupies almost half of total cases. If you cannot turn off breakers with prevention function of electric leakage, it means that electric leakage has occurred somewhere at home.


Meanwhile, breaker itself may possibly be damaged. If breaker does not function, it cannot stop electricity leakage, and may result in fire, and electric shock. The life limit of breaker is defined as 10 years. If your breaker is older than 10 years, replacement is recommended.

Breaker with electric leakage prevention function is equipped with test function. It is nice to confirm activating breaker once a month. Needless to say, when activate breaker, all electricity will be shut off. Before activation, it is recommended to turn off precision instrument such as personal computers.


【Electric fire is unexpectable! Please control electricity closely】
According to data submitted to SHARETECH during Oct.1, ’15 to Sep.30, ’18, actual short circuit, or fire were only 25 cases (1.1%) out of total 2,357 cases. This may suggest electricity fire is seldom. However, short circuit and ignition is extremely dangerous. If countermeasure delayed, it will easily lead to electricity fire. In such a case, people will report fire to fire station, not to SHARETECH. It means that above 25 cases may be only fraction.


Unexpectable Tracking Phenomenon
Major causes of electricity fire at homes are “Tracking Phenomenon”, a kind of electricity leakage. This phenomenon is cause by electric outlet with humid dust accumulated. Since this phenomenon occurs near electric outlet, breakers with electricity leakage prevention function cannot work.
Tracking Phenomenon may occur at any time, with dust and humidity. Let’s clean electric outlet periodically, without dust around outlet.


In winter, take care of electric fire
From now on, we will have severe winter season, and will use heaters heavily. It should be reminded that electric heater is also a cause of electric fire. Dry air in winter season may also contribute to the occurrence of fire.
According to Tokyo Fire Defense Agency, average 105 fires were brought by electric heaters in Tokyo, annually in the past the past 10 years (*2).
When use electric heater in winter season, it is strongly recommended not to place inflammables near heater.


Electric fire easily occurs when conditions meet. Meanwhile they are easily prevented by breakers. As soon you find out issue (e.g. cannot turn off breakers), please consult electricity technician, or electric power company, in case of electric leakage.


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【Research】Jan. 17 is “Disaster Drill and Volunteer Day”. Reconfirm the risk of a fire caused by short circuit


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